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How and when did you get started with producing/What DAW do you use?

I started producing about 5 years ago because of Afrojack. I heard his tracks and it instantly inspired me to start producing.

How did you come up with ‘D!rty Palm’ as your DJ alias?

I was sitting on my room thought about a name and it’s just came to me… I was sort of just like ‘D!rty Palm’, damn that’s a crazy name 😀


Where does your inspiration for a track come from?

Haha it’s funny because my biggest inspiration is sex; sex is always inspires me to make sexy and catchy melodies! 

Which DJs/Producers are your biggest influences?

I have a lot, but the biggest are Deorro, Reece Low, J-Trick and Joel Fletcher.

Any upcoming releases or collabs you can tell us about?

Lots of collaborations on the way…only information I can give is that one is with my good friend J-Trick.

How crazy was it to not only hear, but see a video of Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Carnage, and Chuckie all in one venue going nuts to your remix of Animals?!

IT WAS INSANE! I just woke up early one morning and checked my facebook… I saw someone tagged me in a video and I was sad because it said Animals haha– I thought it was the original, but when I heard that it was my remix I lost my mind!! I couldn’t believe that those BIG GUNS were jamming to my remix!

There is definitely a very bright future for D!rty Palm, what is at the top of your list in terms of things you want to accomplish?

My biggest dream is a collaboration with Deorro and going on tour in Australia.

Any predictions for the future of Electronic Dance Music?

It’s unpredictable for me.

What can we expect from ‘D!rty Palm’ in 2014?

Tons of tracks and hopefully gigs 😀


Fit Questions:

How do you like to stay fit?

I always go for a long walk with my dogs and it keeps me really fit.

Would you say exercise helps improve your creativity in the studio?

I think so.

What’s your Favorite Healthy Meal?

Goulas from Hungary.

What do you do when you are not working on music?

I like to spend time with my girlfriend, walk with my dogs, or just hang with friends.

Give us the ‘D!rty Palm’ workout:

Have sex and do the MELBOURNE BOUNCE!