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How and when did you get started with producing/What DAW do you use?

Got into electronic music and DJing about 5 years ago, and started focusing more on production about 3 years ago.

Ableton 9

Where does your inspiration for a track come from? Do you have a typical routine when you start a new tune?

Inspiration comes from anywhere like most artists. I don’t have a set routine, it can be anything from a melody idea, to a cool lead sound, kick/bass mix or even an interesting sample

Which DJs/Producers are your biggest inspirations?

I’m inspired and look up to certain DJs and Artists for different reasons. It’s kind of broken up between their Productions, DJing, and/or Branding. Guys like Deorro, Makj, TJR, Showtek, Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, VINAI and Carnage are some of the big ones for sure.

I know you were recently chosen by MAKJ to open for his ‘Derp’ party during Miami Music Week. How crazy was it when you found out he selected you? What was the greatest thing you gained from the experience?

I got really lucky on that, and can’t thank Mack enough. I thought it was a bit of a stretch to enter that contest, but at the same time seemed fitting because I was already planning on heading down to Miami. I have a lot of experience with open sets from being the resident at The Hoxton in Toronto, so I felt confident if I did end up getting chosen. That encounter lead to the recent collab I was just able to announce, which I’m obviously super excited for. Debuting it at Coachella was so surreal and happened really quickly, still can’t believe Mack has been giving me all these opportunities.


Any upcoming releases or collabs you can tell us about?
The MAKJ one of course haha. In regards to originals, I can just hope that they can get out soon. It’s been so long and difficult sitting on them, but when your trying to work with these reputable labels they really take their time in selecting their releases, and are always busy.

What’s the best advice you can give to an up and coming producer?

I’d say that up and comers shouldn’t worry about creating aliases and pushing social media pages when starting out. Producing electronic music is very accessible these days, but doesn’t turn you into an artist overnight. Work on your productions, copy tracks, practice mixing down, designing sounds, and closely reference your favorites. Work with friends and others producers in your shoes and learn from each other – try and get as much feedback as possible. Just don’t worry about pushing and promoting your music to anyone or labels until its clear that you have your own unique sound and can differentiate from the pack.


Any predictions for the future of Electronic Dance Music?

I think it’s definitely heading in a positive direction – I’d say that artists are going to start to differentiate with more unique productions, branding and live shows. The idea of artists releasing electronic albums not confined to one style/bpm, while retaining a certain sound and flair that they’re known for is amazing.

With an already amazing start this year releasing huge tunes like your remix of ‘Tegan & Sara – Closer’ and a monster original, ‘Keep It Funky’, what else can we expect from Matt Zanardo in 2014?

More than I even know haha. Things are happening so fast now and the future is looking bright – you can just expect a lot original music finally get released, and more shows soon outside Toronto/Canada area.

How do you stay fit while on the road?

I guess this isn’t applicable just yet, hopefully we find out

What’s your Favorite Healthy Meal?

Chicken Salad with as many vegetables as possible

What do you do when you are not working on music?

It’s not often, but really its just hangout with close friends, head downtown, and workout


Give us the ‘Matt Zanardo’ workout:

Haha the fact that I still train with my off season hockey trainer has forced me to really care about muscle balance and mobility, so it’s a lot of shoulder stretching, muscle activation stuff. I started getting really conscious about body posture a couple years ago, so I always keep that in mind. Generally its really long warm ups, and once the summer rolls around ending with prowler/sled pushes outside. Those tend to be a bad idea as it’s hard to get up to go to the studio after.