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How and when did you guys get started with producing/What DAW do you use?

We both started roughly three years ago, we explored every DAW on the planet, but we are comfortable with Ableton

Where does your inspiration for a track come from?

Usually in the kitchen when we are starving lol… funny but true!

We know both of you originally produced your own records separately, how has combining forces helped you excel in this industry?

We come from different worlds: Merk is more from the more Electro side of House music and Kremont stems more from UK Deep House… it actually did not take long to start collaborating since we both love and respect the kind of music that shows originality and refinement of the details–our combination of styles really complement each other well which has resulted in great tunes!

Which DJs/Producers are your biggest inspirations?

Anyone who makes quality music or has as the final object of his work the desire to promote quality music

Any upcoming releases or collabs you can tell us about?

We have a release on Size records called “Amen” it took two moths to finish it and it is so far our biggest motivation to produce new records! We also have many collaborations in our schedule and one of them is going to be with a huge name in the industry that we admire so much! We can’t tell yet, but you will see soon!


Between Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival 2014 just coming to an end, what has the experience been like to hear your music supported and played at some of the biggest parties of the year (any favorite moments here in Miami)?  I am sure witnessing ‘Steve Angello’ drop ‘Amen’ on the main stage was a dream come true for you guys!

Steve Angello premiered “Amen” at Ultra Music Festival this year and it literally gave us goosebumps to listen to it. We were actually in the crowd and we saw the reaction of the people from a better perspective. Sometimes you don’t have the words to describe certain emotions, but we can say that it has been so far one of most incredible moments of our experience in this career!

What’s the best advice you can give to an up and coming producer?

Stay focused on what you love the most and don’t get involved into foolish dreams such as money or fame!

Any predictions for the future of Electronic Dance Music?

We think we are going to experience a decrease of “big room” tracks and hopefully see the return of the groovy-based type of House music.

What can we expect from ‘Merk & Kremont’ in 2014?

Lots of new originals, remixes, and why not maybe a weekly podcast!

How do you stay fit while on the road?

We always focus on eating healthy wherever we are. Dieting is extremely important, you can’t afford to eat junk food while on the road!

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Would you say exercise helps improve your creativity in the studio?

Definitely, it helps to keep your mind fresh from bad thoughts and it also gives you self motivation.

What’s your Favorite Healthy Meal?

Bresaola and arugula salad

Favorite inspirational quote?

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming”