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How and when did you get started with producing music/what software do you use?

It actually goes back a very long time! When I was 14/15 years old I was using a program called Impulse Tracker for MS-DOS. It was a sample based tracker program, and I made prodigy style music with my friend. Then a few years later I moved into Cubase and started making more ‘soft rock’ and hip-hop music, before finally dabbling in house music around 2001. I then took a break for about 7-8 years as I was busy with my business interests, then in 2009 finally got back into it using Ableton Live, which is now my choice of DAW.

Where does your inspiration for a track come from?

This really depends on the style of music I am making. If it’s a guitar based/acoustic track then it’s usually a girl or a love in my life that inspires me. That doesn’t happen too often though! So mostly making house and electronic music, the inspiration normally comes from a track I am loving in my DJ sets at the moment, or from the desire to make an old song that I love sound more modern and fresh.


Which DJs/Producers are your biggest inspirations?

Dr Dre! He is for me the godfather of music and business merged together. His achievements in the music industry just surpass so many others, because he uses not just his music skills, but his business skills too, to find and develop talent, and to exploit business opportunities.

I know you just released an absolute bomb with Julian R called ‘Section 8’, releasing on your label ‘Vous Records’ April 21st … Is there any other upcoming releases or collabs you can tell us about?

Yes I have many! Last month Superhero with the very talented DJ Juicy M was released, which charted at #80 on Beatport. This was the first chart we achieved on my own label Vous Records, which we were very pleased about.

This week I have a collab with an Italian duo, Menegatti & Fatrix, and its called The Cage. We are hoping to get into the top 20 with this one. So check it out here:


 You have an amazing global presence and seem to be constantly traveling, what is your favorite city to visit?

100% my favorite city is Taipei. I just came back from there last week, I performed at Spark ATT, and believe me it is insane. I have a big following in Taipei, so many people came to see me, and I just love the club as well.

I know you spend a lot of time in China, how is the Electronic Dance Music scene in Asia right now?

China is a very different scene to ‘Asia’, since they don’t have access to Western social media, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc… So the scene there is a bit behind. BUT, it is starting to blow up, many new festivals springing up for the first time this year, and when it happens, its gonna be huge in China.

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What’s the best advice you can give to an up and coming producer?

When you are learning, don’t spend too long on one song. Finish it the best you can, then start a new one, this way you don’t spend weeks and weeks trying to make something better, you instead get more and more experience experimenting with many different sounds and techniques.

Besides being a music producer/dj/record label owner/–what other business ventures are you involved in?

I sold an IT business in UK in 2011 which I had since 1999. And since then I have started a Tech Sales company in the UK, a property development company, invested into an advertising company here in Shanghai, and also do various Angel investments for small businesses looking to get off the ground. I also have some nice photo/film studios in Shanghai which we have some cool projects going on.

How do you stay fit while on the road?

Yoga! I love yoga these days, and I have an amazing yoga teacher. 3-4 times a week I do 1 hour of power yoga and it has totally changed my life. And I love to play squash too.

Would you say exercise helps improve your creativity in the studio?

Yes it does. You can focus more, and you feel more happy about yourself in general, less stress and more healthy. So keep up the fitness!


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What’s your Favorite Healthy Meal?

I love broccoli. Loads of it. And then I mostly eat chicken breast, broccoli and potatoes. Very simple, but super nice.

Favorite Quote?

No mortgage, no debts, lock stock, the fucking lot.

Where does your motivation for success come from?

From my mum.

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What can we expect from ‘Spencer Tarring’ in 2014?

Some big releases from Spinnin’ Records and some very big gigs in Ibiza and Las Vegas. I just signed with Hashtag Management, so got some exciting times ahead this year. Watch out for my track coming soon with vocalist Denny White, Burn the Maps, its gonna be huge! (I hope :D).



Give us the ‘Spencer Tarring’ workout:

Yoga 1 hour, Squash 1 hour, studio 6 hours. Hands in the air for my 1 hour set. Boom!