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Age: 26

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 123

Location: H-Town, TX


How did you get started with fitness?


After the birth of my son, I started working with a personal trainer whose wife was an IFBB pro bodybuilder. Naturally he had me lifting real weight, rather than just doing cardio like I had been. And I just loved the results that weight lifting brought. I decided I wanted to do my first show, and 2 months later I was on stage for the first time. I loved it so much that I just kept competing show after show.


Where does your motivation come from?


There are many factors. I don’t like to quit or give up because of the way that I was raised. But also my son is the biggest factor for me. I need to be his example in life and I want to give him the best possible example possible. He motivates me and drives me to be better on a level that no one else can match.


What workout routine has worked best for you?


Monday: Quads

  • Smith Machine Squats 10×2
  • Squats 5×5
  • Leg Extensions 3×12
  • Lunges 3×20
  • Thigh Abductors 3×12

Tuesday: Hamstrings

  • Deadlifts 3×10
  • Romanian Deadlift’s 6×12
  • Leg Press 3×12
  • Leg Curls 3×12
  • Cable Kickbacks 3×12
  • Glute Ham Raises 3×12

Wednesday: Back/Shoulders/Chest/Arms

  • Pull Ups 3×12
  • Cleans 5×10
  • Shoulder Press 5×10
  • Power Curls 3×10
  • Push Ups 3×10
  • Barbell Curls 4×10
  • Cable Pushdowns 4×10

Thursday: Cardio

  • 30-40 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training

Friday: Abs/Calves

  • Seated Calf Raises 3×10
  • Standing Calf Raises 3×10
  • Sit Ups 3×10
  • Hanging Leg Raises 3×10

Saturday: Rest Day

  • Recovery

Sunday: Rest Day

  • Recovery


What is your diet like? 


  • Meal 1: Egg Whites with Wheat English Muffin or Oatmeal
  • Meal 2: Turkey and Lettuce
  • Meal 3: Snack Mixed Nuts
  • Meal 4: Lean Fish (Tilapia/Orange Roughy) and Cucumbers
  • Meal 5: Snack Mixed Nuts
  • Meal 6: Chicken Breast or Protein shake

If you had to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?


I love squats- any and all forms. Because they build that booty!
I actually love running bleachers because of the conditioning that it puts your body through.
And I love working abs. I think abs are extremely sexy on women.



What is your supplementation like?


Of course I love Optimum Nutrition products, even before I became a sponsored athlete, I loved their products because they are pure. I use HydroWhey protein, as well as Thermo Cuts fat burners, and I love our Green Apple Amino Energy!!!


What type of Music do you listen to when working out?


I like really hardcore rap and hip hop when I am lifting weights. The type of music that men typically listen to; not “little white girls.”


Who are your favorite DJs/Producers?


Dj Drama

Adam Mcinnis



What is your best advice to a woman trying to achieve a physique like yours?


Don’t get disheartened. In a world of instant gratification, we often lose sight that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and building your body is a never ending process. Your body changes on a regular basis, and you constantly have to change with it. Learn to embrace your strong points, and work on the weaker ones.



Favorite Quote?


I’ll do what others won’t today, so I can do what other’s can’t tomorrow.