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How and when did you get started with producing/What DAW do you use?

I got started about two years ago, experimenting with programs and what not but I never really started understanding it until about 7 months ago when I properly kicked off with “WhoKilledMickey”.

I use Ableton Live 9.

How did you come up with ‘Who Killed Mickey’ as your DJ alias?

Well the about four years ago I bought an Xbox 360 and called myself ‘Who Killed Mickey’ and ever since then on games I’ve always used the ‘Who Killed Mickey’ alias.

Where does your inspiration for a track come from?

I’m not entirely sure, sometimes I’ll just start writing and I won’t realize what I’ve written until about ten minutes after.

Other times it could be from a certain sound I hear in a movie or another track.

Which DJs/Producers are your biggest inspirations?

My biggest inspirations would have to be;

Savant, Will Sparks, Deadmau5, Showtek and my good mate Zac Waters.

Any upcoming releases or collabs you can tell us about?

LOTS of collabs on the go at the moment! I’ve got;

Orkestrated, Lefty, Zac Waters, Chris Bullen and Slice N Dice.

As for releases I can’t give away too much info!


Are you all about the Bounce? Or does ‘Who Killed Mickey’ have some other genres people may see you explore?

I love making all types of music, but the ‘Melbourne Bounce’ is my preferred genre of choice.

What’s the best advice you can give to an up and coming producer?

Stick at it, stay in the studio all night and all day.

Any predictions for the future of Electronic Dance Music?

It’s so unpredictable so it’s hard to say, but I I’ve got a feeling this is only the very tip of the ice berg for Melbourne Bounce.

What can we expect from ‘Who Killed Mickey’ in 2014?

Lots of music!

How do you stay fit while on the road?

 Well, I don’t eat take out (excluding Nandos) and I don’t drink all that much.

Also I’ve got a friend who’s my PT and do gym ever second day.

Would you say exercise helps improve your creativity in the studio?

I think it make you more efficient with your time rather than creative.

What’s your Favorite Healthy Meal?

Classic Warp from Nandos!


What is your favorite aspect of the Fit Lifestyle?

Feeling good about myself, and never feel lethargic.

What do you do when you are not working on music?

Hang with friends, and playing games.

Favorite inspirational quote if any?

‘No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn’.

Give us the ‘Who Killed Mickey’ workout:

Weights for strength, sex for cardio!