When did your passion for music first arise?

When I took my fathers turntables (Sanyo) & mixer and started mixing 2 records. Also when I 1st heard the Junior Vasquez double cd live vol.2

Where does your inspiration come from when making a track?

I normally start listening to indie music & rock/alternative to disconnect. Then I get inspired by ideas that pop into my head. Once that happens off to the studio and try to lay it down on my DAW.

You’ve traveled all around the world and played some of the greatest venues out there, which one has been your favorite and why?

It happened this year, it was Pacha Ibiza I played the Lovin Ibiza Opening party. It gave me goose bumps because the few times that I have visited that club it had a special vibe and the crowd was insane. And to return to a place where I danced all night to past years to come play in it was unreal.

What is your opinion about the dance music scene right now?

Its become finally the forefront of radio which is great. But, its not all great because its so saturated and has hurt the scene as well. The music has taken so many turns that a lot of producers don’t know what direction to take. Sell out and make money or stay true and be broke. The beauty of it all is that, I believe its taking that turn again where the audience wants to dance again. Grooves are back, songs are coming and music can live for decades.


There is a lot of unoriginal stuff being put out, but at the same time a ton of amazing tracks. Are you optimistic about the future of dance music?

I do believe that music is evolving we just have to take more time in productions and create everlasting tracks. My mentality is also changing. Instead of here today gone tomorrow I’m trying to create songs that can live a lifetime. But easier said than done.

There is a huge discussion about DJ’s just being ‘button pushers’ in 2014, however we know for someone like yourself this statement does not apply. What would you say is so great about seeing a live performance you put on?

Doing things on the fly is always great having that factor of not having to look away from the crowd is also a plus. When remixing a record live its a lot more complex and your focus has to be spot on because you can loose it. And when you nail a remix on the fly your zone is on another level. But also to the button pushing, I know a lot of amazing producer/djs that are currently using the computer. The way they revamp works on the fly and create a record while pushing them buttons is dope. So when your using it to be even more creative count me in. I’m actually going back to implementing controllers in my sets. Even though you can’t see what I’m doing remixing live and having a lot more tools is amazing.


Armand Pena is for sure a name recognized deep in the routes of house music, but is also a name re-arising into this new wave of tech/funk/groove house. With huge releases so far in 2014 with ‘Free My Mind’ (featuring Jose Nunez & The Cube Guys), “Jackin”, as well as a sick collaboration with Crystal Waters in “100% Pure Love”, what else can we expect from you this year!?

I just released an EP with Harry Romero. The Body EP its actually charting right now on traxsource. Everyone has been playing it Carl Cox, Erick Morillo, Sneak to name a few. I’m also currently working on my own label based out of the UK. Teasers will be coming out late nov and the name is BETA REBELS. We will test boundaries and try new things on this label. I’ll be releasing singles and the 1st one should be coming very soon. Look out for it, I promise it will be an interesting journey.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your career?

Working with producer/djs that I’ve admired throughout my career. Putting on amazing events for a decade and working with amazing acts and becoming friends with them along the way. Any specific mile stones? Back in early 2004 I had a number one in beatport which was called watching me. Now to get a number one in these days in beatport is hard! I’m very happy that 100% Pure Love is at #11 in the house charts top 100. That alone is great since its so hard to get that far. For me my milestone has happened this year which I currently have 3 records in dance charts top 100.


Working with some of the biggest names in the scene, whom would you consider the most fun to collaborate with?

Oh man that has to be Paul Harris aka Dirty Vegas. We actually have a record that has never been released. I’m going to revisit this record update it and send it to him. Thanks for reminding me of a fun time in the studio. We took breaks and started playing guitar hero haha!

Where is one place you are yet to play at, that you have always dreamed of playing?

EDC any of them haha.


Where does your motivation come from?

Music alone can inspire you in so many ways. And being surrounded by loved ones is enough for me.



How important is living a healthy lifestyle to you?

Extremely, we are not getting any younger. So being fit to handling this nightlife is a must. I need that balance in my life I’ve been very active these days in nutrition and being healthy—I also stopped drinking.


What is your favorite “healthy” meal?

My protein shake in the morning. Love it! With my tea as well.




What is your typical daily routine?

Wake up take my kids to school, go to the office and do all the annoying admin, meetings etc shit.. work for a few hours then after, head out to beat traffic pick up kids. Then after head to the studio and work all night.


How do you maximize your productivity throughout the day?

I need to have a schedule planned the day before. I have a calendar I have to follow to achieve everything I do. If I steer away from that then my day is shot and my stress level is at full throttle running behind on my daily appointments and work schedule.