Where did both your passions for music originate?

David A: Music has always been part of my life. I started to take Piano lessons when I was 5, and never stopped making music since then. I played drums and guitar in high school, started to compose at 16 years old, studied Jazz drumming and Electro acoustic composition in College, and decided to quit school to work on my own projects.

TB1: My passion for music comes from a passion for entertaining. I used to be in the plays in high school and then started MCing bar-mitzvahs. I loved being able to entertain using music.

How did ‘David A’ and ‘TB1’ meet?

We met through a common friend. TB1 had an idea for a track, and this friend said that he should meet David A, he could probably help. We met in Dave’s studio. Hit it off and the rest is a Bromantic Comedy 😉


What was the driving force that compelled you guys to unite and create ‘1DAFUL’?

It was natural timing. We had both been working on each other’s individual projects for so long, everything from the music, videos, artwork, branding, everything. Above all, we loved working together and mainly loved performing together. We decided to eliminate any confusion and become an EDM boy band 😉

Which DJs/Producers are your biggest inspirations?

Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Justice, Daft Punk, Wolfgang Gartner and the new wave of EDM. DVBBS, Carnage, Makj, Cash Cash, Pegboard Nerds, Cirkut, Billboard. Being that TB1 is a born and raised MC, he really looks up to Lil Jon, and together, the best friend style branding is greatly inspired by Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff.

Any upcoming releases or collabs you can tell us about?

We are releasing our first original track (as 1DAFUL) with a record label in Australia. The song is called “This Is Life” and it’s really a great introduction into the 1DAFUL sound and our personality. There are already some pretty cool producers who are remixing it but we aren’t able to talk about any names. In terms of collabs, it’s always tough to reveal names because sometimes timing and schedules don’t work out. However, we do have some collabs in the works that we’re super excited about.

Where does your motivation come from?

The love of the game 😉 hahah! Our motivation really comes from our love of life, and our want to create a a career for ourselves in doing something we love. It’s also sooo motivating when we see how much people enjoy what we do and who we are. Being that we are very transparent in terms of our branding (meaning, we’re not pretending to be something we’re not), what people get in Instagram pics, Facebook videos, or our 1DAFUL WORLD podcast, it’s really us. That’s how we act when a camera or mic is on and when we’re chillin at home.


What’s the best advice you can give to an up and coming producer?

Keep working really hard. If you get frustrated, move onto another project and come back to it. Be really nice to people, and make sure to always do what you love!

Favorite gig/venue to date and why?

There’s lots of great ones. Some that stand out are opening for DVBBS (we really love those boys and admire and appreciate their hustle and success). Also, when we headlined New City Gas in our hometown Montreal, Canada. It’s a huge venue and when we headlined there, we truly felt like we could roll with the big boys 😉

What can we expect from ‘1DAFUL’ in 2014?

Lots of fun, original, party tracks. Hopefully more and more gigs. We’ve built a really incredible online fan base and they’ve been wanting us to tour. Also, you should always expect the biggest amount of bromance. In working together, we have truly become best friends and brothers in this, and we value that very highly 🙂

What is your favorite aspect of the Fit Lifestyle?

David A: working out makes me feel great. I’m very proud of my body and the hard work I’ve put in. I used to be a scrawny little nothing, and with lots of hard work, I’ve given myself a pretty good shape.

TB1: I have very overweight genes. As you can all tell, I’m a big boy. I have turned to a fit lifestyle to be happier with the way I look. It may sound superficial, but my favorite part of the fit lifestyle is fitting into really awesome clothes and feeling good about it 🙂


How do you stay fit while on the road?

We are both very adamant about making sure we get a work out in every day. Even if it’s a quick 20 minutes. We also try to eat often and properly while on the road. Sometimes after a gig, there’s no choice, you need that late night eat. For the past 7 months, if we eat after, TB1 eats a salad and a piece of chicken rather than a burger and fries. David A can afford to eat a burger or two every now and then 😉

Would you say exercise helps improve your creativity in the studio?

For Dave, it certainly does. If he is stumped creatively, he’ll go for a run and always come up with something.

For TB1, exercise is more about the creative practice. I’ll throw one of our own personal mixes on or our new original songs and see how I can perform better.

What’s your Favorite Healthy Meal?

David A: Berry protein shake
TB1: Any piece of grilled chicken.

What do you do when you are not working on music?

Depends on the weather!! if it’s nice out, we try to spend a lot of time in a pool or hot tub. However, the main answer is hang out with friends. We have such a tight group of friends, the more time we could all spend together, the happier we all are.


Favorite inspirational quote if any?

David A: Limiting your dreams will only limit your reality

TB1: I came up with something that really keeps me going:
“The more people I make happy, the happier I become. If I can make the world happy, then I know my job is done.”